Proven Ways To Earn Money Online

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Online Business

There are surely number of opportunities to earn money online. I am not an e-commerce specialist neither I am talking of it. I will try to describe some of the simplest ways to earn money online.

After knowing something about them we will decide about the most simplest and the easiest way to earn online. Online business or online work can be classified into three broad categories:

a. Selling Soft Goods

This includes (but not limited to) e-books, videos, audio pod cast, software (if you can develop one…) and things alike. It means that anything which is downloadable can be included in this category. You don’t have to physically deliver the goods to your customers but they can simply download them from your website. In addition to this selling services online also comes in this bracket that includes providing consultancy services, affiliate marketing etc. There are SEO consultants who earn lot of money by simply providing SEO consultancy online and similarly there are web hosting affiliates who make six figure income by merely referring people to the web hosts.

b. Selling Hard Goods

Anything can be included in this category. It may be hard cover books, computers, clothes, CDs/DVDs, greeting cards etc. You can think of endless items according to your imagination. When someone orders anything from your website then you have to physically deliver them. This way your website can act as an online store.

c. Selling Advertising Space

This is the simplest and widely used form of online earning opportunity. There’s no customer dealing in it and you have vast variety of options to increase your income.

You make a blog or a website on a niche topic, optimize it for traffic and earn money through ads on it. This advertising revenue can be through Google adsense, or other CPC, CPM methods or selling ads spaces through buysell ads model companies on your blog or website.

The above three are the main models of online business or online money earning opportunities, rest all are somehow the changed versions of them. Now you have to study each of them thoroughly before deciding to enter into online business.

It all depends upon your desire to become a cyberpreneur, level of expertise, interest and knowledge. Remember one thing, nobody is a born internet geek, everybody learned the things the hard way. Some have done it by investing time and energy others by investing money. You also have to invest something…..What Is Your Option?


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