Are You Ready to Become a Cyberpreneur?

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Online Business

Cyberpreneurship means any business or financial activity that takes place in cyber through a computer and internet and cyberpreneur is the person who earns through this mean. It is the new name given to the online business that is carried out by webmasters and affiliate marketers.

As an entrepreneur is the owner of an enterprises which carries out business activities in the real world, so cyberpreneur is the one who does the same thing online in the cyber world. read more details about the term 'Cyberpreneurship' to understand the concept better.


Initially people were of the impression that typical e-commerce, online trading and e-stores are the only financial activities which takes place online. However due to the advancement in internet technology lot of other similar activities started taking place.

Now even a blogger with a simple blog is a cyberpreneur to. There are number of bloggers who earn in six figures from blogging online. In addition to it there are certain bloggers whose monthly earning surpasses number of traditional enterprises in real world.

Similarly affiliate marketing has opened up number of new profitable opportunities for online community. There are several examples of 6 figures earners only through selling other peoples' goods and services.

Through a normal entrepreneur is bound by number of laws and taxes a cyberpreneur is free from such restrictions. This has created a lot of attraction globally and now more and more people are converting their enterprises into cyberprises. This is of course due to reduced cost of doing business, ease and comfort. I personally know a person who had a big retail shop from where he used to sell household goods. to maintain that business he has to spend lot of money in terms of shop rent, utility bills, taxes etc. He took a bold action to leave the shop and shift all the items to his home. Now he is selling the same goods online through his website and saving thousands of bucks that he used to spend before.

The future of cyberpreneurship is very bright and you can ride the bandwagon now if you want to be successful. due to the advancement in the internet technology and arrival of 3G and 4G more and more people are getting connected to the internet. It is estimated that today there are more than two billion people connected with the internet and by 2020 the figure will go up by 4-5 billion users. This shows that future of the online business opportunities will increase manifold.

Since there are lot of benefits of online business due to which lots of people will be jumping in to it, competition will get strong and you have to be on your toes to get your share from the online world. Since 'Ne Ardua Terreant' is the motto of this website so we will learn lot of things in order to have an effective online presence and become a successful cyberpreneur.

Cyberpreneurship is very attractive indeed but it does require lot of hard work online. As there are millions of blogs, websites and competition is also getting fierce day by day. Only those people will survive in the cyber world who are hard working and consistent in their efforts but all this can be done in the comforts of your home. Are You Ready To Become A Cyberpreneur?


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