7 Reasons To Join Affiliate Programs

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Online Business

‘Join Affiliate Programs Immediately to Earn Money From Your Blog’

This is a message for all the bloggers who are reluctant to join affiliate programs on any pretext. If you own a blog or planning to start one, I don’t see any reason for not joining affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs will of course earn money for you without working extra. If you don’t want to be a full time affiliate marketer then taking advantage of your present blog and do it part time. I hope the following benefits will convince you to join the affiliate programs according to your blogs’ niche.

1. Sell Anything Related to Your Niche

If you are running a niche blog then join couple of good affiliate programs related to it. You will find hundreds of products relating to your blog topic that will fit well in your blog.

Just carryout some search at commission junction, clickbank and share a sale etc and you will definitely find products to sell.

2. Large Inventory with No Production Costs

A big advantage to join affiliate programs is that you get several ready made items without any production cost to you. Most of the items sold online are downloadable e-products like software, e-books, tutorial videos etc. You don’t have to spend a dime to produce them; you’ll get them ready to sell immediately.

3. No Customer Service & Order Processing

You are just advertising a product through affiliate banners and links etc. Anybody clicking on the links will be taken to the merchants’ page. So he’s the one to handle the orders and provide customer support service and refunds etc.

If you have used the product yourself and written a review about it then your blog readers may ask some questions for clarifications. However this is again not a customer service because you are not the owner of it.

4. Low or No Cost Set Up

The only expenditure you need is to set up a blog that involves domain and hosting charges. There’s no cost to join affiliate programs, rather they welcome anybody interested to sell their products. If you want to be a part time affiliate then you don’t need to spend money on advertising. However if you spend money to advertise your blog then it’s your own decision but for setting up affiliate programs you don’t need any expenditure at all.

5. Work Locally Sell Globally

No matter where you live, if you are connected to internet then join affiliate programs and start selling globally. There’s no restriction on you because you are not the one handling the products. Online people are global audience and if you join affiliate programs then you can earn from them while sitting at home.

6. Earn Money While Sleeping

This is no doubt an attractive phrase, but it surely holds good if you join affiliate programs. If you have marketed your blog well and all your affiliate links are properly placed then surely money can roll in even you are fast asleep.

Since internet is a global platform so somebody somewhere is always online. You don’t have to be present all the time in order to sell from your affiliate programs.

7. No Infrastructure & Employees

You don’t need any office or employees to operate your affiliate programs. Since everything is automated so you only need a laptop connected to the internet. Traditional businesses spend a huge amount of money on office infrastructure and employees salaries etc.

If you join affiliate programs you are your own boss with flexible working hours. This is off course a big advantage of joining affiliate programs.

Final Word

There are of course several other benefits of joining affiliate programs but these are the few most important. You will experience the actual benefits when you practically join affiliate programs of your choice.

I don’t see any demerits of affiliate programs so if you are really interested in earning money online then you should immediately join affiliate programs in your niche. Good Luck


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