15 Tips To Save Money on Family Clothes

Everybody needs clothes for covering his body. You also need to buy clothes on different occasions. It may be change of season, fashion, on some wedding or birthday occasion. You do need to buy clothes for yourself and your family. Purchasing clothing incur large expenses on your budget. It may disturb you sometimes but if you do it wisely then clothes purchasing can become much better.

You may like to consider following tips for this purpose.

1. Keep in mind that high prices may not always mean good quality. You can get much better clothes at very low price if you search properly.

2. Taking good care of your clothes result in longer life thus minimizing your need for new ones. Therefore pay proper attention to washing, storage and general care of your present clothes.

3. Discipline your thoughts and try to avoid buying anything just because others are wearing it. Before making any clothing purchases, you must ask yourself that if you really need it.

4. Shopping for used clothing at ‘like new’ shops is not a bad money saving idea. Similarly visit thrift shops for buying normal clothes.

5. Consider buying coordinated clothing so you can mix and match or contrast. By this way you will have more outfits.

6. Search for clearances sales and buy clothing items as socks, under wears etc in bulk. This will save you lots of money.

7. Protect your clothes during work, change into old clothes for house chores. Your old and worn out clothing can be used for household wipes.

8. Children clothing items can be traded with your friends and neighbors. Older children’s’ clothing can be saved for hand me downs for the younger ones. Kids should be taught and trained to care for their clothes.

9. Think of buying new clothes by raising cash through selling your discarded clothes at garage sales and other outlets.

10. When buying clothes always consider cost of its care also. Therefore opt for wash n wear clothes which will save your ironing and dry cleaning bills.

11. If your clothes need any minor repairs, do it yourself instead of spending on tailor bills.

12. Be wise enough to remove spots at home with cleaning fluids instead of paying for dry cleaning bills.

13. If you can find some time on weekends, consider buying or renting a sewing machine and making at least children’s clothes yourself.

14. Before going for shopping always plan the things you want to shop in advance and stick to your plan.

15. Ask your friends and neighbors to recommend the clothing stores where you can shop at cheaper rates.


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