How to Save Money on Electricity Bills?

Saving money on electricity bills is not difficult provided you are serious about it. Of course you have to be serious because electricity cost is increasing day by day. With the improved living style almost every house possesses a television, refrigerators and other electrical appliances.

No doubt these things are made for human comfort but if they are used carelessly then it can burden you financially. You may need to keep certain points in mind if you want to save some extra money.

Following tips may prove to be helpful:

1. While shopping for electric appliances, buy on the basis of cost plus operating cost not price alone. Always opt for energy efficient models.

2. If possible always install the light switches at a place where it is easy to turn them ‘on’ or ‘off’. Best place is considered to be near doors.

3. Make it your habit and teach others to switch of lights and fans when going out of any room.

4. If you are installing or replacing new switches, it’s a good idea to use solid state dimmer switches.

5. Some people are in the habit of keeping their radios and TVs on while they are busy in some other work. Cut down this habit, these things should be considered as an entertainment only when you are free.

6. Always use a complete switch for large electric appliances. Never use any extension cord for them.

7. For drying your clothes, keep the use of electric dryer to bare minimum, use clothes line for drying clothes in sun.

8. Refrigerators should be defrosted manually and regularly when about ¼’’ ice is formed. Auto defrost freezers consume more energy.

9. All the electric appliances should be kept clean and in good working condition. By this way they will consume less energy and will save you money.

10. Use only white liner lamp shades. They reflect more light so you will not require high voltage bulb in them.

11. Do you know that a full freezer uses less energy than an empty one. You can fill it up even with water and ice cubes.

12. Avoid peaking into oven unnecessarily. You know you lose 20%-50% of the heat each time you open it.

13. Turn off oven about 3-5 minutes before specified cooking time and don’t open the oven. The heat inside will do the rest of the job.

14. If you think you need more light at a specific place then use large bulb instead of several small ones. Try using energy saver bulbs.

15. Try using light, reflective colors in your rooms ceilings and walls. White, of white sort of colors reflect maximum light.

16. Increase the use of wash n wear clothes. This will reduce the use of iron, thus reducing electricity cost and saving your time as well.

17. If you plan going away , ensure that all lights, fans etc are turned off. If you some eatables in your fridge and refrigerators, they should be set at lowest levels.

Did You Know: Instant on television sets use energy even when the set is not turned on.

18. Before placing hot food in the fridge, let it cool at room temperature. Hot food will lower the level of coolness in your machine.

19. It is the habit of some ladies that they open up their refrigerator and then think what they want? So before opening it decide exactly what you want and do it immediately.

20. Select the coolest part of your kitchen for placing your refrigerator. Use low wooden stool (made specifically for the purpose) under refrigerators.

21. When installing air conditioners, try to face its condenser towards the north or keep it shaded from sun.

22. Let your dishes air dry instead of using dry cycle of your dishwasher.

23. Dishwasher and washing machines should be used only when you have full load for them.

24. Grow as much trees to get shades in summers. It will keep your house temperature low.

25. Make it your weekly or fortnightly routine to vacuum or dust of coils of refrigerator and freezers regularly.


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