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By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Business

For physical health, we need exercise and for mental health we need some good thought provoking books. As the literacy level in the country is rising, more and more people like to read. There are not many libraries for the people where they can quench their thirst of reading.

New books are costly so you must have seen number of people going to old bookshops. Rather it will not be wrong to say that the percentage of book buyers on old book stores is greater than new book stores. If you can arrange a small shop in a busy place and can invest some amount then you can easily enter into a lucrative business of your own i.e. “Used Books Store”.

Used Bookstore

Where To Get The Books?

There are number of places from where you can buy your inventory of books. However the two most cheapest sources are:

a. Sunday bazaar
b. Radi wala

In Sunday bazaars you will find great number of stalls on the footpaths. They are divided into two categories:

1. Some stalls sell books on a certain price depending upon the condition and quality of the books. You need to negotiate a lot and buy heavily to get discounts.

2. There are others who sell books on lower but fix price. For example you will see a large dump of books and there will be a sign board of 15/book or 20/book. This will be the most useful point for you to build your inventory at very low price. I was amazed to see lot of extremely useful and expensive books selling for only 10-15 Rs. If you are quick and good at selection, you can benefit a lot from this place.

You often hear people on cycle shouting to sell your junk papers and books. They have lot of expensive material with them, which they bought only for Rs. 6 a kg. Talk to some of them and tell them that if they get some books then you will offer them good price for them. Of course, they will bring all the books to you, which can be bought for Rs.10-12 only.

Once you have sufficient number of books on various topics, layout them section wise and set a good price for all the books. It is better to write the price on the corner of the book with thick marker. You won’t believe that each book can give you 300-700% profit.

Advertising and location of your used bookstore do matter a lot. However if you are able to search for some good place then there are endless opportunities for you to make immense profit from your used bookstore. GOOD LUCK


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