Starting Used Items Store Business

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Business

You will come across number of people who need certain things for their home. Similarly lot of people think that some of the items in their house are not needed by them any more. They want to dispose them of at a throw away price to empty the space.

This is the opportunity from where lot of money can be made. If you want to earn money without investing much then open up a used items store in your locality.

Used Items Store

Start Up Requirements

A place to showcase your items. It maybe a shop at a good place or even a spare room or garage in your own house. Of course you need certain things to fill up your showroom. Initially look around in your own house and you will definitely find lot of items which are no longer required by you and your family. These items are maybe of great use to others.

It can be an old table, chair or box etc. Make minor repairs, clean them an take them to your showroom. Ask your neighbors and close friends and you will be amazed to know that how happy they will be to offer you their junk items.

When you think that you have fairly sufficient number of items in your used items store, let the people around you know about it. That is to say advertise your business. If you have started a local and small scale used items store then you have to advertise it locally.

How You Make Money?

Selling other people’s stuff is basically a commission based business. However you earn money in two ways:

1. Your clients who will offer you something to sell will give you a minimum selling price of their items. This amount will be the price which they want. Say if someone have placed a sofa set in your used items store and set a price of 5000. It is up to you that you are able to sell it for Rs. 7000. In this case you made a profit of Rs. 2000 after paying Rs. 5000 to your client.

2. In addition to the above method a commission is also set for selling the goods. It ranges from 10%-20% ( or whatever is decided between you and the seller). Say the sofa set is sold for Rs.5000/, your seller client have to pay you 10%-20% commission to you. Which makes Rs. 500 – 1000.

Remember the commission is in addition to the gap price which you earned before. However in some cases to increase your good-will you may consider foregoing your commission. It all depends upon on you.

DID YOU KNOW: An average house contains 10%-20% of things which they rarely use. If somebody offers them some money for them, they will gladly hand over the things at much cheaper price.


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