How to Start Iron Furniture Business?

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Business

For a healthy body you need iron which can be obtained by eating certain foods which are rich in iron. Similarly a healthy house needs iron to, which is in the shape of iron gate, window grills or furniture. Initially iron furniture was restricted to rich families only but now almost every house contains some pieces of iron furniture.

Demand of iron furniture is on the rise because it is considered as a fashion now to have a beautiful iron bed in one’s bedroom. This increasing demand can be transformed into a very lucrative business.

Iron Furniture

Even if you are not expert at iron works but have flair to learn, it will not be difficult for you to be successful. It is a low investment business and can be started in your own local area.


1. An iron workshop

2. One expert welder and two helpers

3. Welding plant, cutter, grinder and related welding instruments.

4. Raw materials as iron pipes, steel rods, decorative material, brass etc.

How It Works?

Internet is full of designs so you have to spend some time to search for some latest and attractive designs of iron furniture pieces. Print a copy of the selected designs and discuss it with your workers. They may suggest you some modifications in the design.

After you finalize the design, draw it on a wooden/plastic sheet or even floor. Note the material required to make that furniture piece and buy it from the market. Note down each and every detail on your notebook for future reference. Pay special attention to the quality of workmanship and finishing details of each piece.

When you have completed that iron furniture piece, work out its cost, add your profit and set up a sale price. If your workshop is situated at a busy location, there are great chances that you will be able to sell it directly from your workshop. If not then you have to arrange a showroom for displaying it.

It is not must to own a showroom of your own because other showroom owners will happily place your iron furniture in their showroom on sale basis. In this way you have share some profit with them. If you have established good PR with your clients and taken up an extensive advertising campaign, there are all the chances that people drop in with their own designs.

Only thing required for the success is creativity, flare and a desire to succeed. Though there is lot of competition in this field but still there is a great room for advancement. To further supplement your business you can start making gates and windows for newly constructed houses.


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