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It is the natural desire of every lady to look her best. This is not only a desire but a social and health requirement to. This is a modern age and ladies of this era do not restrict themselves only to kajal, dandasa or simply combing their hairs.

With the development of science and technology, personal grooming and make up styles have also advanced. Companies world wide have started introducing newer and latest products for the ladies to beautify themselves.

Beauty Box Business

In addition to this different TV channels, print and electronic media have transformed the thinking and living standard of the ladies. Increase in population have also affected the beauty product market. The demand of beauty products is constantly rising at a rapid pace.

These are the conditions and reasons which can be transformed into a money making opportunity.
Start making and selling beauty boxes and kits under an attractive brand name.

Every lady is aware of the use of beauty box or beauty kit. It is nothing but a small wooden, plastic or leather bag or box filled with makeup accessories. You can get these beauty boxes made from market in bulk. Remember bulk quantities are offered at deep discounts. You have the option of plastic, leather or even wooden boxes.

These days demand of beautiful wooden beauty boxes and small leather beauty bags is at increase. This is because they are not only longer lasting but can also be customized according to one’s taste and choice.

A large number of women have a firm belief on their zodiac sign. You can make huge profits by painting or printing different zodiac signs on the beauty boxes. Well you all know that this is for sure that if a lady liked a thing she will definitely buy it at every cost.

After your beauty boxes are ready the stage comes of filling it up with makeup items. For this you will need different beauty items as (1) different shades of lip sticks (2) mascara (3) Foundation (4) Creams (5) Gels (6) Nail polishes (7) Face powder etc.

Carry out the market survey and search for the best prices of the required products. Visit the nearby regional offices of famous brands companies, they may advise you better on the subject and offer some incentives to.

If you want to carry out business at a large scale then be bold enough to introduce your own brand name as ‘Sheilas’ or ‘Nailas’ etc. Well this is not difficult at all. There are number of companies who may allow you to put your own labels on their products.

You can market your product at home or offer it to a good beauty shop on sale basis. After you get established and your brand name (if any) earned good reputation in the market then the shops will happily pay you in advance.

If you desire to start this business as a home based business then you need to advertise it locally through flyers and brochures. In addition to this you can also contact some good beauty parlors in Rawalpindi or the city you are living in to sell your products. However if you want it on large scale then you need to depend on newspapers and other advertising channels.

Pricing your product is an important factor of the business. Keep your profit to the minimum until your product enters the high demand lane. Try to establish good relations with your clients, as it is a recurring demand product. If you have made some sincere clients the you can repeat the sale of your product several times.

Beauty products market is very large and never ending. This business can be very profitable if you learn the art of sales and marketing. Further prospects of this business are very bright so take action now and declare yourself a beauty product specialist. GOOD LUCK


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