Zong 3G/4G Internet Packages Review

Zong internet packages have been introduced through its 3G & 4G technology and now everybody with a cell phone can use internet anywhere. This of course is a big leap towards the latest internet technology of Pakistan telecom sector and we will talk about Zong Internet Packages in this post for the guidance of general public.

Before the launch of 3G technology in Pakistan there were lot of expectations and cell phone users throughout the country were very excited. Bidding took place for the licenses and Zong won the bids for 3G & 4G, so it introduced Zong 3G Packages suiting different needs and budgets.

Zong 4G internet packages are available in all the major cities of Pakistan whereas 3G internet packages are available for rest of the cities. There are no speed specific packages and there are no speed limits on them. The estimated peak speed of Zong 3G and 4G ranges from 15MB/s and 50MB/s, however this speed is not fix and it varies according to the quality of the network, so often you will get very low speed as mentioned above.

Zong internet packages are offered in 3 shapes, daily, weekly and monthly.

Daily Zong 3G/4G Packages

Daily Zong Internet Package

Zong daily internet package is divided in to mini, basic and premium packages, all having different validity period and data limits. Such packages allow you to buy according to your requirement and budget. Good for low income group and for people who don't use internet extensively.

In addition to this there's also a 'Good Night Offer' that is much cheaper with high data limits. However the only problem with this internet package is that it is only limited to 1AM to 9AM, that means you have to be awake the whole night to use it, anyhow good for the 'night owls'.

Weekly Zong 3g/4G Package

Weekly Zong Internet Package

Weekly package of Zong internet has  days validity and is for just Rs. 70 with data limit of 700 MB. Buy it for the whole week once and enjoy it for full 7 days.

Monthly Zong 3G/4G Packages

Monthly Zong Internet Package

In the monthly Zong internet packages you have lot of options of data limit and price range, that you can choose from depending on your requirements and budget. As in the daily package it is also divided into mini, basic, premium and premium plus with different limits and rates.

Activation of Zong 3G/4G Packages

Zong internet packages can be activated by 2 means:

In addition to the above mentioned internet packages Zong is also offering 'Social Bundles' that can be used only on specific social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp messenger. Since most of the internet users use only such social media sites so they can buy only the social bundle and enjoy their online stay.

Initially the service, download speed was excellent and people praised it everywhere that lured other users to ride the band wagon. The number of users increased and this has put pressure on their network so problems started occurring and the service remained not that satisfactory as it was before.

Since Zong CMPak is a late comer in the telecom industry of Pakistan so it needs lot of time to develop its own infrastructure to provide better services to its clients. The coverage of the Zong Internet is mostly limited to the major cities of Pakistan and people residing in the far flung areas could not enjoy the facility of Zong 3G/4G Internet Packages.

I have a conversation with one of my friend who is basically resident of Sialkot but presently putting up in Islamabad about Zong internet services. According to him it works fine as long as he remains in Islamabad, however when he try to use the Zong internet in Sialkot the problem starts occurring.

He is frequent traveler between the two cities and requires internet access for the business purpose, so I think Zong should try to expand its infrastructure to get more clients for its 3G/4G Internet Packages.

Price of the internet packages needs to be revised and brought to the lowest level so people with low income can also derive the benefits of internet. Since the telecom companies keep on revising their packages rates so it is better to refer to their website for latest rates and new offers if any. To check the latest rates of Zong 3G/4G Internet Packages you may go here and find the latest updates on rates and packages.

According to the data released by PTA there are over 24,785,830 people using internet in Pakistan, out of which number of 3G subscribers is 21,211,116 and DSL users are 1,508,842 and recently added 4G user number is 447,039 and for rest of the medium see the data below.

Broadband Users

The point to note here is that even being new, 3G & 4G internet has progressed at an extremely rapid pace that is unmatchable by the other conventional internet connections. There are number of other cell phone companies operating in Pakistan from whom you can buy 3G internet packages like Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone etc. but all of the others only offer 3G internet, while Zong is the only company to have a 4G license. So if you desire to have variety then you have to opt for Zong Internet Packages.

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